Tim Hetherington

Born in Liverpool in 1970, Tim Hetherington is best known for his innovative and multimedia approach to exploring conflict as a world-renowned freelance photojournalist and filmmaker.

Tim died in April 2011 from injuries sustained when photographing unrest in Libya during a wave of uprisings in the region known as ‘the Arab Spring’.

The complete archive of Tim’s work is now held at Imperial War Museums. Key works document the many places, people and warzones that Tim encountered throughout his career.

Prints of Tim Hetherington’s works are now available for purchase exclusively on IWM Prints, the first time these have been made widely available outside of a limited print run. Printed on high quality semi gloss 250gsm conservation digital paper, this is a unique opportunity to own works by this award-winning photographer. Donated to IWM by the Tim Hetherington Trust, profits go back into IWM’s work recording and sharing the stories of those who have lived, fought and died in conflict since 1914.