A horse-drawn limber carrying ammunition along the Lesboeufs Road, outside Flers, November 1916.
British troops moving up to the forward area over water-logged ground near La Boisselle, Somme, November 1916.
Men of the 5th Battalion, Devonshire Regiment, take a German prisoner in the Bois de Reims during the Battle of the Tardenois, July 1918.
Ruined village of Mons-en-Chausee, showing the Church which was destroyed by a German mine explosion, 20th March 1917.
HMS Albion being towed by HMS Canopus after running aground off Gaba Tepe in the Dardanelles, 23 May 1915.
The mine under German front line positions at Hawthorn Redoubt is fired 10 minutes before the assault at Beaumont Hamel. First day of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916.
Civilians found in Brancourt on its capture by the American 30th Division on 8 October 1918.
Battle of Albert. British troops in a support trench awaiting their turn to advance. Note wire cutter attached to rifle. 1st July 1916.
Supporting troops scramble out of their trenches to go forward near Ginchy,The Battle of Morval, Somme, 25 - 28 September 1916.
A raiding party of the 10th Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) waiting for the signal to go. John Warwick Brooke, the official photographer, followed them in the sap, into which a shell fell short killing seven men. Near Arras, 24 March 1917.
Working party of British troops on muddy ground near Bernafay Wood, Somme, November 1916
9.2 inch howitzer (Mark VI) battery of the Royal Australian Artillery in action. Fricourt, Somme, August 1916.