Winston Churchill lights a cigar in the back of a jeep while touring the Normandy beaches with General Mongomery, 12 June 1944.
Winston Churchill giving his famous V-for-Victory sign while being driven past a line of troops in Tel-el-Kebir, 9 August 1942.
Winston Churchill in a jeep outside the German Reichstag during a tour of the ruined city of Berlin, 16 July 1945.
Winston Churchill holds his hat aloft to acknowledge cheers from workers at a Manchester factory, April 1941.
Winston Churchill inspects the 1st American Squadron of the Home Guard on Horse Guards Parade, London, 9 January 1941.
Winston Churchill with General de Gaulle during an inspection of French troops at Marrakesh in Morocco, January 1944.
Winston Churchill with British and Soviet representatives, including Anthony Eden and Vyacheslav Molotov, in London following the signing of the Anglo-Soviet Treaty on 26 May 1942.
Wing Commander Raymond Harries, commanding the Tangmere Wing, in the cockpit of his Spitfire Mk XII, 1943.
Winston Churchill with his daughter Mary and General Sir Frederick Pile (GOC Anti-Aircraft Command) watch anti-aircraft guns in action against V1 flying bombs, 30 June 1944.
Winston Churchill with sailors aboard HMS KIMBERLEY during the Allied invasion of Southern France, August 1944.
Winston Churchill inspects air raid damage at Ramsgate in Kent, 28 August 1940.
General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson, Supreme Allied Commander Mediterranean Theatre (right), in discussion with the Eighth Army Commander, Lieutenant General Sir Oliver Leese, near Mignano in Italy, 30 April 1944.