Winston Churchill with his Chiefs of Staff in the garden of 10 Downing Street, 7 May 1945.
General Sir Bernard Montgomery shows Winston Churchill the battle situation on a map held by the Commander of the 2nd Canadian Division, General G G Symonds, during the Prime Minister's visit to Normandy, 22 July 1944.
A formal portrait of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig on horseback at Poperinghe. Haig was Commander-in-Chief of the Western Front, 1915 - 1918.
Winston Churchill on board the battleship HMS PRINCE OF WALES during his journey to America to meet President Roosevelt,  August 1941.
The Chief of the Imperial General Staff, General Sir Alan Brooke, at his desk at the War Office, 1942.
Winston Churchill and his wife, Clementine, on board a naval auxiliary patrol vessel during a visit to the London docks, 25 September 1940.
Winston Churchill gives the "V" sign in reply to cheering troops as he leaves the liner QUEEN MARY with his wife Clementine on his return from Canada, September 1943.
Political Personalities: Three quarter length portrait of Princess Durri Shehvar Berar, only daughter of the former Sultan of Turkey, photographed wearing a jewelled sari in India.
Winston Churchill stands on a Covenanter tank of 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards, to take the salute at an  inspection of 9th Armoured Division near Newmarket, Suffolk, 16 May 1942.
Winston Churchill inspects the new Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk 1 rifle during a visit to 53rd Division in Kent, 20 November 1942.
Political Personalities: Half length portrait of Queen Fawzieh, first wife of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi of Iran, in Teheran.
President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill seated on the quarterdeck of HMS PRINCE OF WALES for a Sunday service during the Atlantic Conference, 10 August 1941.