HMS RESOLUTION, the first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine to be equipped with Polaris missiles, seen underway on the surface probably off the Scottish coast c. 1970.
HMS CONQUEROR, the Churchill class nuclear-powered fleet submarine, underway in the early 1970s.  In 1982, the submarine sank the Argentine cruiser ARA BELGRANO during the Falklands War.
A platoon from 1st Battalion The Black Watch pose for the camera before going out on patrol, Korea, 1952.
Naval ratings demonstrate the protective clothing worn in a contaminated area during an exhibition at Chatham, March 1956.
A memorial marking the spot where an East German, Ernst Mundt, was killed while attempting to escape over the Berlin Wall on 4 September 1962.
Admiral of the Fleet Sir Rhoderick McGrigor, The First Sea Lord, inspecting a US Marine Corps guard of honour at the N.A.T.O. headquarters of the Supreme Allied Commander at Norfolk, Virginia, November 1954.
The memorial to Olga Segler, an East German killed when attempting to escape over the Berlin Wall, 25 September 1961.
A Vickers Supermarine 510 preparing for a rocket-assisted take-off during trials on HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, November 1950.
The partially restored Brandenburg Gate in Berlin decorated with flags, banners and slogans promoting a Festival of German Youth, 1 May 1950.
Men of the 1st Battalion, The Black Watch rest before moving off on a patrol in Korea, 1952.
 An East German observation tower seen through the remains of the Berlin Wall, 23 January 1990.
A Berliner chipping away part of the newly-opened Berlin Wall, 23 January 1990