An Honest John surface-to-surface missile is launched in Germany by 24 Missile Regiment, Royal Artillery, August 1970.
HMS ANTELOPE at Ascension Island, ten days before she was sunk by Argentine bombs in San Carlos Water in the Falklands War, May 1982.
Mickey Mouse at the Front 1991
Silhouette of a British Challenger tank commander during the Gulf War, 1991.
East German construction workers, supervised by East German border guards, build the Berlin Wall, 1961.
A Sea Harrier on the temporary airstrip constructed at San Carlos on the Falkland Islands, named HMS SHEATHBILL, June 1982.
The Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS HERMES underway in the 1980s.
A child using a hammer and chisel to remove a piece of the Berlin Wall after its opening by the East German Government on 9 November 1989.
Crew from a Westland Sea King HC.4  of 'A' Flight, 846 Naval Air Squadron walking away from their helicopter wearing NBC [Nuclear Biological and Chemical] suits during the Gulf War, 1991
Soldiers of 3rd Parachute Regiment and 'D' Squadron, Household Cavalry, wait to board a Chinook helicopter during operations to secure the town of Nowzad in Helmand, Afghanistan, 31 July 2006.
Two British soldiers in NBC [Nuclear Biological and Chemical] equipment, pose with their SA80 rifles during a training exercise in Saudi Arabia before the start of operations in Kuwait, 1990 - 1991.
The mushroom cloud generated during Britain's first hydrogen bomb test over Malden Island in the Central Pacific, dropped by a Royal Air Force Valiant bomber, 15 May 1957.