Preparations for D-Day
Wing Commander J E 'Johnnie' Johnson, commanding No. 144 (Canadian) Wing, on the the wing of his Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX with his Labrador retriever Sally, at Bazenville, Normandy, 31 July 1944.
Winston Churchill flanked by the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke and General Sir Bernard Montgomery, commanding 21st Army Group, at Monty's mobile headquarters in Normandy, 12 June 1944.
Short Stirling Mk IVs of Nos. 196 and 299 Squadrons RAF lining the runway at Keevil in Wiltshire, before emplaning paratroops of the 5th Parachute Brigade Group for the invasion of Normandy, 5 June 1944.
Commandos of 48 (RM) Commando coming ashore from landing craft at St Aubin-sur-Mer on Juno Beach, 6 June 1944.
General Sir Bernard Montgomery shows Winston Churchill the battle situation on a map held by the Commander of the 2nd Canadian Division, General G G Symonds, during the Prime Minister's visit to Normandy, 22 July 1944.
Royal Marine Commandos of headquarters, 4th Special Service Brigade, making their way onto the 'Nan Red' sector of Juno Beach at St Aubin-sur-Mer, on the morning of 6 June 1944.
British commandos of 1st Special Service Brigade, led by Lord Lovat, landing on 'Queen Red' sector of Sword Beach, at La Breche, on the morning of 6 June 1944.
Led by their piper, men of 7th Seaforth Highlanders, 15th (Scottish) Division advance during Operation 'Epsom' in Normandy, 26 June 1944.
A union flag hangs in the main street of Les Andelys in Normandy as British forces arrive, 31 August 1944. The woman in the foreground is Madame Scarlett, wife of an expatriate Englishman and owner of the Hotel des Fleurs.
A lorry disembarks from a landing ship on the Normandy beaches, 7 June 1944.
Winston Churchill lights a cigar in the back of a jeep while touring the Normandy beaches with General Mongomery, 12 June 1944.