Women workers checking 25-pounder artillery shells at the small arms factory of J & F Pool Ltd in Hayle, Cornwall, 1943.
Peggy Franks and Pinkie Barnes enjoy tea in the garden as part of their 'holiday at home' in 1943.
A milkwoman standing on her dairy cart in southern England during the First Wotrld War.
Women welders making stirrup pump handles during the Second World War.
Actress Muriel Pavlow chats with casting director Bob Lennard of the Associated British Picture Corporation in her dressing room at the Globe Theatre, London during 1945.
WRNS stewards laying the table in the mess at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 1942.
Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) girls at the Royal Artillery Experimental Unit, at Shoeburyness in Essex, using the Window Position Finder to sight shell bursts in the air or water, 1943.
War worker Mrs T Charlesworth, at a factory making 17-pounder anti-tank guns, 1943.
This photograph shows a model wearing an outfit which illustrates the way in which old clothes can be re-worked and worn as new.  The model, seen here leaning on an ornate plinth, wears a black chiffon blouse made from an old dinner dress, a long black sk
Miss Patience Brand working for the Women's Voluntary Service running a mobile canteen in London during 1941.
A female Fire Guard using a stirrup pump on the roof of a building in London, 1941.
Members of the Womens Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) repair and pack parachutes for use by airborne troops during the Normandy invasion, 31 May 1944.