Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser pouring the rum into the Christmas pudding mix on board HMS DUKE OF YORK, November 1943.
An eight-barrelled two-pounder 'pom-pom' gun on HMS RODNEY silhouetted at sunset in the Firth of Forth, October 1940.
The officers of HM Submarine SERAPH on her return to Portsmouth after operations in the Mediterranean, 24 December 1943.
Admiral of the Fleet Sir Rhoderick McGrigor, The First Sea Lord, inspecting a US Marine Corps guard of honour at the N.A.T.O. headquarters of the Supreme Allied Commander at Norfolk, Virginia, November 1954.
A fishing boat crowded with Italian staff officers and soldiers intercepted by HMS LEMERTON off Cape Bon in Tunisia, May 1943.
The crew rest on board the Dutch submarine O-14, January 1942.
Sailors pose next to the 16-inch guns of the battleship HMS NELSON, July 1941.
The hull of a minesweeping trawler being constructed using traditional techniques in a shipyard on the east coast of Britain, October 1942.
Men of the Royal Navy's Coast Watch parade at a naval training establishment in Devon, 1940.
General Imamura signing the official document of surrender for Japanese forces in New Britain, New Ireland, the Solomons and New Guinea, on the flight deck of HMS GLORY off Rabaul, 12 September 1945.
A Seaslug missile being transferred to HMS GIRDLE NESS from the RFA RETAINER during replenishment at sea trials in the Mediterranean, November 1959.
Officers on the bridge of a destroyer, escorting a large convoy of ships keep a sharp look out for attacking enemy submarines during the Battle of the Atlantic, October 1941.