Members of a heavy rescue party evacuate civilians from a bomb damaged building during a large-scale Civil Defence training exercise in Fulham during 1942.
War workers listening to a lunchtime concert by the Blech String Quartet in the central hall of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, 1943.
Londoners spending the night in the basement of a book store in Bloomsbury, London during the Blitz of 1940.
PC Frederick Godwin of Gipsy Hill Police Station in London supplies tea and sympathy to a now homeless man after a V-1 attack that killed his wife and destroyed his home, 1944.
A cloud of smoke rises in the distance after a V1 Flying Bomb lands in the Norwood area of London during 1944.
The Reverend Joseph Stephens stops in a grocer's shop in Silvertown, London, to buy some cherries, 1944.
Tea and buns are supplied by local Air Raid Precautions (ARP) workers to fellow ARP workers and civilians in this basement shelter in South East London during 1940.
A woman pins a luminous flower to her jacket lapel in Selfridge's department store, London. These flowers were one of numerous blackout accessories available in 1940 to make pedestrians more visible on the dark streets of the capital.
A housewife carrying shopping basket and gas mask container shops at a greengrocers in London during 1941.
Wardens 'rescue' a young boy from the rubble and debris next to a bomb-damaged house in Fulham during a Civil Defence exercise in 1942.
Members of the National Fire Service tackle a blaze in a house during a Civil Defence exercise in Fulham, London in 1942.
Civilians and service personnel in London's Picadilly Circus celebrate the news of Allied Victory over Japan in August 1945.