Major General Jeremy Moore, Royal Marines, Commander of the British Forces in the Falklands, meets jubilant Falkland Islanders in Port Stanley after the signing of the Argentine surrender, 15 June 1982.
A Sea Harrier takes off from HMS HERMES, crowded with helicopters and weapons stores, during the Falklands War, 1982.
Soldiers and civilians celebrate the opening of the Berlin Wall, 9 November 1989.
British troops on a firing range in Kuwait during preparations for Operation 'TELIC', the invasion of Iraq, 2003.
Leader of the Army Mobile News Team, photographed wearing a gas mask and holding his camera during an NBC (Nuclear Biological and Chemical Weapons) alert at 33 Field Hospital, Iraq, 18 February 2003.
The ballistic missile early warning radar station at RAF FYLINGDALES, 16 September 1963
A convoy of British Army Bedford trucks in Kuwait during preparations for Operation 'TELIC', the invasion of Iraq, 5 March 2003.
A Royal Marine defuses an Argentine anti-personnel mine in the Falkland Islands, June 1982.
Royal Navy ships of the Armilla Patrol during the Gulf War, 1990 - 1991.
East German guards struggle to restrain a crowd during the opening of the Berlin Wall, November 1989.
105mm guns of 'G' Battery (Fighting Mercer's Troop), 7 Para, Royal Horse Artillery in a live firing exercise in Kuwait, during preparations for operations in Iraq, 21 February 2003.
The aircraft carrier HMS HERMES sails out of Portsmouth for the South Atlantic, at the start of the Falklands War, 1982.