A Lancaster flies over smokescreens in Kaa Fjord, Norway, during the attack on the German battleship TIRPITZ by Nos. 9 and 617 Squadrons flying from bases in northern Russia, 15 September 1944.
Sopwith Camel Patrol Attacking an Austrian Aerodrome near Sacile, Italy
Into Action
American volunteer pilots of No.121 (Eagle) Squadron run to their aircraft at RAF Rochford in Essex, August 1942.
Aircrews of No. 149 Squadron RAF approach a line of Vickers Wellington Mark IAs at Mildenhall, Suffolk for an early morning training sortie.   The Squadron's operations at this time were directed mostly against German naval installations and shipping.
Four 'stick' commanders of 22nd Independent Parachute Company, 6th Airborne Division, synchronising their watches in front of an Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle at about 11 pm on 5 June 1944, just prior to take off from RAF Harwell in Oxfordshire.
A Handley Page Halifax of RAF Bomber Command over the target during a daylight raid on the oil refinery at Wanne-Eickel in the Ruhr, 12 October 1944.
Supermarine Spitfire Mk VBs of No. 81 Squadron RAF, June 1942.
Dropping depth charges from British T. B. Destroyers. Harwich, 19th April 1918.
A British Army helicopter carries a load over a camp at sunset in Kuwait, during preparations for Operation 'TELIC', the invasion of Iraq, 2003.
The crew of an RAF bomber board their aircraft for an operation over Germany, Britain, 1941
A Royal Artillery searchlight unit's sound locator monitors the night sky at the height of the Blitz, London, 1940