Winston Churchill steps ashore from an American assault landing craft onto the east bank of the River Rhine, near Wesel, 25 March 1945.
Joseph Stalin, Franklin D Roosevelt and Winston Churchill on the veranda of the Soviet Legation in Teheran, during the first 'Big Three' Conference, November 1943.
President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill seated on the quarterdeck of HMS PRINCE OF WALES for a Sunday service during the Atlantic Conference, 10 August 1941.
The ship's company of HMS PRINCE OF WALES poses for a photograph with Winston Churchill and his staff at Scapa Flow after the Atlantic Meeting with President Roosevelt, 18 August 1941.
President Harry Truman and Winston Churchill shake hands on the steps of Truman's residence during the Potsdam conference, 16 July 1945.
Winston Churchill with President Roosevelt and Marshal Stalin at a dinner party at the British Legation in Tehran on the occasion of Churchill's 69th birthday, 30 November 1943.
Winston Churchill makes his VE Day broadcast to the British people from the Cabinet Office in Whitehall, 8 May 1945.
Winston Churchill greets Joseph Stalin with President Roosevelt outside the Livadia Palace during the Yalta Conference, February 1945.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill and General Sir Bernard Montgomery & his dog (named Rommel) in Normandy at Montgomery's caravan at his headquarters at Chateau Creully, 7 August 1944
Winston Churchill inspecting men of the 4th Queen's Own Hussars at Loreto aerodrome, Italy, 25 August 1944.
Winston Churchill makes his VE Day radio broadcast from 10 Downing Street, 8 May 1945.
Winston Churchill inspecting air raid damage in the dockyard area of Valletta, Malta, 19 November 1943.