A Harrier GR.3 of No. 3 Squadron camouflaged at RAF G�¼tersloh in Germany during the 1980s.
An Honest John surface-to-surface missile is launched in Germany by 24 Missile Regiment, Royal Artillery, August 1970.
Armourers 'bombing up' a Sea Harrier on board HMS INVINCIBLE during the Falklands War, 1982.
BBC journalist Alastair Leithead records a report about the ceremony marking the American handover of control of the Helmand Provincial Reconstruction Team to British forces in the PRT Compound at Lashkar Gah, Helmand, Afghanistan, 1 May 2006.
A memorial marking the spot where an East German, Ernst Mundt, was killed while attempting to escape over the Berlin Wall on 4 September 1962.
British soldiers seen in the wing mirror of a Landrover in Kuwait, February 2003.
The memorial to Olga Segler, an East German killed when attempting to escape over the Berlin Wall, 25 September 1961.
A Blowpipe surface-to-air missile detachment of 5 Infantry Brigade stands guard at Bluff Cove in the Falkland Islands, June 1982.
A Landrover used by 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment to guard the perimeter of Camp Commando in Kuwait during preparations for operations in Iraq, 24 February 2003.
45 Royal Marine Commando marches towards Port Stanley during the Falklands War, 1982. Marine Peter Robinson carrys the Union Flag on his pack.
7 Platoon, 'G' Company, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards on Mount Tumbledown, celebrate the news of the Argentine surrender at dawn on 14 June 1982.
A platoon from 1st Battalion The Black Watch pose for the camera before going out on patrol, Korea, 1952.