A horticultural school for women now training students in all branches of agriculture and horticulture with special regard to producing disease free crops.</br></br></br>Hard work but fun, digging a trough for seed sowing in the experimental vegetable gro
Two sailors carrying the Christmas tree and holly for Christmas festivities with the destroyer flotilla at Gladstone Dock, Liverpool, December 1941.
Cecil Beaton portrait of a British tank driver peering out of his Grant tank in North Africa, 1942.
Armourers 'bombing up' a Handley Page Halifax Mk II of No. 405 Squadron RCAF at Pocklington in Yorkshire, August 1942.
RAF fighter pilots relax between operations in their dispersal hut, Britain,1941
Fairey Swordfish Mk I torpedo bombers of the Fleet Air Arm on a training flight from Crail in Scotland, 1940.
Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC, Commanding Officer of No. 617 Squadron (The Dambusters) at Scampton, 22 July 1943.
Mrs Day and her cat 'Little One' in London during 1941. 'Little One' is wearing a National Air Raid Precautions for Animals Committee collar to help ensure the cat is returned to his owner should he stray during the blitz or black-out.
A little girl feeds a soldier with macaroni.
A Chance-Vought Corsair landing aboard HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, December 1943.
Aircrew and Wellington bombers of No. 149 Squadron RAF at Mildenhall, Suffolk, before a night raid over Germany, 10 May 1941.
Squadron Leader Robert Stanford-Tuck, CO of No. 257 Squadron, in the cockpit of his Hawker Hurricane Mk I at Coltishall, January 1941.